Group vs Guru

A version of the TV game show “One verses 100”. Call in a “guru” (minister, student minister, youth minister, youth leader, etc) to youth group have them compete against the whole youth group in Bible (or other) trivia. The game should work like the game show where the aim is for the “guru” to outlast the group by getting all the questions right. The youth group and the “guru” are given a multiple choice question. The group is given 30 seconds for every person to decide their answer and record it on a piece of paper (this works on trust). Anyone in the group with the wrong answer is out for the rest of the game. The “guru” is also given 30 seconds to decide their answer and lock it in. If the “guru” gets the answer wrong, then the “guru” is out and the group wins.

35+ Note: For groups 35+, make A5 size answer cards that are folded into 4 quarters with one letter (A,B,C,D) written respectively in each quarter. People then lock in their answer for the question by holding the letter above their head. Make sure you ask the Guru to lock in his answer secretly before the group answers, otherwise the Guru gets an unfair advantage.

Download the powerpoint template here with 15 ready made questions.

Download the keynote  template file here (this is the original file & exported as a .ppt)

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