Here are some programs that I’ve used at the youth group I ran at Petersham (called Salt). All the files are Word docs (compatible 1997 onwards). Here’s a pdf sample of all year programs from 2005-2014.

If any of the links don’t work, email me here.

Below are the templates I use to make the above programs plus a template for weekly running sheets that we use in our main youth meeting, and a template for the parents version of the term program which I send out at the start of each term. These tables work hand in hand with the creative ideas document found on this site (download here).

These are also downloadable as Word documents. The content written inside the tables is there to help you get an idea for how it works. Just delete the information and insert your own to suit. Enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Program

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  3. Hi Mike, Could really use your help. We are starting a new youth ministry, I tried downloading the program files, but the links don’t work, could you please send me the files.

    Thank You and God Bless your ministry.

    • Happy Memorial Day Mike,

      Thanks so much for responding; however, your the link provided for your dropbox show an error 404. Can you try this again.

      Thanks and many blessing.

  4. Mike, I should have mentioned that all the links under the Program area are not working. Including the combined pdf sample file from 2005-2012.

  5. Hello Again,

    Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks, was able to download the files from the dropbox. You have truly blessed us with your ministry (wonderful ideas). Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

    Peace and blessing – Dee-Dee

  6. Your generosity in sharing this amazing program is truly Heaven-sent. What a beautiful testimony to God’s endless love. I am helping my husband as he leads our youth group of 5-10 students. As a part-time bi-vocational youth pastor, he would never have had the time and resources to put together what you have done here. Thank you so, so much. God bless you, brother!

  7. Mike, you have done an amazing amount of work and I praise God for your life and your willingness to share it with interested persons like me. My church is in the rebuilding process and I was asked by my fellow elders to take up the Youth Ministry. I thank the Lord for bringing me to your site. I’m simply lost for words, seeing how thorough you have prepared these articles and programs. Now I’m more confident to lead the few young people we have. Praise the Lord! Thank you brother. May God continue to use you more and more, and be a blessing to many…..Tevita

  8. Please add me to your mailing list. I will use all the tips on growing our youth minstry. It is a new territory for me and my wife.

  9. Hello Mike, I am a Pastor’s wife and we have a small but growing church and I am so blessed that at present we have more or less 25 youth who started from our Sunday School some years back. Now that they have all grown up, my husband and I wanted to build a youth group and train them to become active participants in the ministry. After my prayer devotion, I decided to check some youth lessons that I can use on Sunday during our youth fellowship and I happen to open your website. I really thank God for this wonderful opportunity to communicate with you and get some ideas on how I can start with some activities that will inspire and engage our youth because I believe that through them we are building people who will be our backbone in the ministry.

    God bless,

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