Bible Balderdash

The aim of the game is ultimately to learn the definition of biblical & theological terms and words (eg. iniquity, statute, precept, justification, sanctification, propitiation etc) to build vocabulary and help with personal Bible reading and understanding.

The Balderdash game is a classic bluffing game. Players make up definitions for a chosen word. They earn points for bluffing the other players with their made-up definition. They also earn points for guessing the correct definition.

The game is played in groups, with 8 groups being the maximum otherwise there will be too many definitions to read out and remember.

The Dasher introduces a word to all the groups playing the game (display it on a projector screen if you have one). Each group then has 3 minutes to discuss what they think the correct definition of the word is, and then create a definition for the word that sounds believable and could be mistaken as the correct definition by the other groups.

They write the definition on their answer sheet (with group name on top) and hand it to the “Dasher” up the front.

Once the answer sheets are collected, the “Dasher” reads all the definitions aloud including the correct definition of the word.

Each group then votes for the definition which they believe is the correct definition. The Dasher takes note of which definition each group chooses. After all the groups have guessed, the “Dasher” reads the correct definition (display on projector screen if you have one).

Scores are awarded:

  • A group is awarded 1 point for each vote their made-up definition received.
  • Each group who chose the correct definition is awarded 2 points.
  • Those groups that didn’t receive any votes or choose the correct definition are awarded no points.

Play more rounds as time allows.


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