At the youth ministry I’m involved with, our main youth meeting is always structured around regular segments: a bible game or mixer, a prayer time, a sharing time, a memory verse time, Bible teaching time, singing time, and then supper (for an explanation of why we do it this way read the posts on the “Starting a Youth Ministry” page.

The links below are some of the creative ways we do those segments (minus the singing part, and the Bible teaching – though there is some useful ideas on creative Bible teaching activities – and of course it doesn’t include supper which is fairly self explanatory…)

Some of the ideas are my own, some are ideas respectfully stolen from other youth ministries and youth ministry resources (eg. K. Moser, “Changing the world through effective youth ministry“. Aqullia Press, Sydney, 2001.).
If you’re after the typical  get dirty, big noise, shaving cream & smoke machine, antisocial, favour-the-strong-and-confident-over-the-weak-and-shy, supposedly “Christian” type of youth group activity… then you’re probably better off going somewhere else…

These activities are designed to be big fun, but not at the expense of Christian values. Each activity is designed to meet 1 of 2 goals (or meet both goals):

  1. to help people know each other better, and/or
  2. to know God better.

I’ve just gone through and sorted all the activities so you can see which ones are suitable for small groups or larger groups. And I’ve added notes that show you how to amend the activities to work with different sizes. You’re welcome 🙂


Please note: You can download all the segments in one doc and you’ll also find all these segment activities posted individually on this site, and some of them have other helpful files attached (like powerpoint, jpegs, etc). You are free to copy them, save them, or whatever.

[update: 27/05/2016] For whatever reason, sometimes the links break or the internet just gets stupid. If that’s the case, try this link to my Dropbox folder which contains all the activities and game details. Many have other downloadable materials as well, including pre-made .pptx and .key files. LINK:]

If things still don’t work, email me here.

Here are some extra activities documents from These are also free resources and there is plenty of other goodies there too.

For organising your youth group activities, you can download these templates which are also found on the PROGRAM page:

13 thoughts on “Download

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  2. wow!! I belong to a church that cut our youth program 5+ years ago. We are trying to start it up again using volunteers as just even a once monthly program. Your work here is a godsend! Thank you so much!

  3. I have been praying for a while now asking the Lord for direction for our up and coming youth program. I’ve known in my heart what I envisioned, but didn’t want a hit & miss program. Thank you so much for sharing this wealth of invaluable resource!

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  6. You are a wonderful person. May the Lord reward you. Was just given the role of Youth Pastor and didnt know how to begin. Now i have all i need. I will always pray for you

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