Starting a Youth Ministry

You want to start a youth ministry at your church (or perhaps you’ve been kindly asked by your minister)? That’s great! Youth ministry is an important ministry but where do you start?

Well here is a series of posts that I’ve written on starting a youth ministry from scratch!

There will be more posts to add in time but for now, feel free to click on the relevant links below or open and download this PDF(2.5MB) of all the posts together with discussion questions to help guide you as you think through the process of starting a youth ministry form scratch or revamping your current youth ministry.

My hope is that these thoughts, tools and resources will help you to organise, co-ordinate and lead a faithful, God-honouring Youth Ministry in whatever context you’re in.


pdf-whateverPDF of the posts (with discussion questions) (2.5MB)


Blog Posts: Starting a Youth Ministry from Scratch!

2 thoughts on “Starting a Youth Ministry

  1. Hi,
    Ok so I found your website and so far what I’ve read is very helpful. I wanted t ask your opinion. I started going to this brand new church, it actually just opened it’s door maybe two months ago. I’ve never tried a new church, we’ve generally gone to big established churches. This church has recruited me to start a young, youth group on Thursday. Nights. I was asked because I was wondering about the future plans for my ten yr old daughter. I should be excited but I’m actually very unsure of this commitment. I’m not a pastor or teacher, just a mom. This group is very small. One other very busy mom offered to help. On Sundays, generally there are only 6 kids of all different ages. Should we just worry about Sunday youth and when it grows more, go forward with thur night youth group. The teens already have a group going together. What do you think? Need help

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