YM thoughts

This horticultural analogy reminds me of church services which are based on a narrowly age defined Homogeneous Unit Principle… Let’s go for a youth ministry permaculture in our churches!!

“two aspects of permaculture. It opposes ‘monoculture’, where only one crop is grown in an area. Permaculturists know that monoculture temporarily increases yield. But it strips the soil of nutrients, and is a free kick to bugs that feed on the crop without competition or predation. Farmers must handle soil leaching and bug plagues with fertilizer and pesticides, which create other problems. By mixing a variety of crops, permaculturists seek to keep soil nutrients high and bug populations low. The practice reduces the yield, but people still eat and the whole system is more sustainable over time.”

Excerpt From: Andrew J.B. Cameron. “Joined-up Life.” Inter-Varsity Press, 2011-04-15. iBooks.

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