Whose Bin? (Bible Game version)

Decide on a bible character or story. Collect about 5-8 items/clues that are related to the character or story and put the items in a bin (you will want to make them a little cryptic, with the first clue the hardest, and the final clue more or less giving away the answer). Note, you can just get pictures of the items and put them on the powerpoint rather than find the actual props for clues (there is a keynote file already prepared attached to this post.

Split into smaller groups (mix it up with those who have Bible knowledge and those who don’t). Bring the bin out the front so that all groups can see it (or the use the powerpoint slide). In the game, each group gets to have only one guess at what the story or who the character is, there guess should be made to the leader of the game in quiet so that other teams can continue to play without knowing the guess of other teams. If the story or character is guessed immediately after the first clue, maximum points are awarded. With every clue that is revealed less points are awarded for a correct guess.

At the conclusion of the round point out the theological significance of that Bible character before moving on to the next round.

#1 Alternative game play: Split into teams and give each group a bin with clues to a different bible character or story. Each team is given 5 minutes to rummage through the clues in the bin and then make their guess. In this alternative game play all clues should be a bit cryptic with no “give-it-away” clue.
#2 Alternative game play: Instead of using bible characters or stories, use group members and make the game a mixer.

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