Engrish Memory Verse

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Type the memory verse into an online translator and translate the verse from English into another language (Chinese works best). Then take the foreign language translation and translate it back again into English. You will notice that it doesn’t come back out the way it went in! You might want to repeat the process a few times if you really want to mess it up, however, it does need to be vaguely recognisable…

Show this mistranslation to the group and then give them a limited amount of time to work out what the memory verse actually is.


John 3:16 [English TNIV] “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Translate into Chinese (Han): “對於上帝如此被愛世界他產生他僅有的兒子,誰相信他的那不會消滅,然而有來世。”

Translated back into English: “So is liked the world he producing his only son regarding God, who believes that his will not eliminate, however has next life.

If you repeat the process one more time you get: “Therefore is liked producing only then his about God’s his son, believes world he will not eliminate, has the life.

One thought on “Engrish Memory Verse

  1. Hi,
    This sounds great for Friday nights! I believe we’ve also seen this in Spics & Specs with song lyrics. Good to meet you at WPCYC last weekend.

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