The Swedish Method…

I have no idea why it’s called the Swedish Method… but this is a really simple and helpful tool for reading the bible with others (or by yourself).

There’s not much to it really.

  1. You pick a bible passage (preferably about 10 verses or so…)
  2. You draw 3 icons on a piece of paper (or download a pre-made sheet here): A light bulb, a question mark, and an arrow.
  3. You read the bible passage (out loud if you’re in a group)
  4. Spend 10 minutes reading the passage again by yourself in silence, and this time taking the time to write things next to your icons.
  • The light bulb: Write down something from the passage that stands out to you. This could be recurring words, ideas, or whatever! There can be no wrong answer here.
  • The question mark: Write down any questions you have about the passage (like what does this word mean? Who is this person? etc). Or write down a question you’d like to ask the original author.
  • The arrow: Write down a personal application of the passage, ie. what are you going to do or change now you have read this passage?

5. Lastly, go around the group and share what you’ve written next to your icons.

The genius of this method is that it’s simple. It’s easy to do with someone who has never read the bible before, and valuable enough to help even the most seasoned Christian look at the bible with fresh eyes. I’m finding it a great resource for doing my quiet times!

You can download a more full explanation of the Swedish Method bible study here. Or go to the Matthias Media website for more info.

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