This segment is about getting to know a member of the group more intimately. Have every body stand up and then begin a process of elimination through statements ie. sit down if you have blue eyes, sit down if you have enclosed shoes, sit down if you are in year 8, etc. when there is only one person left standing, ask that person to stand in front of the group on a chair and then ask them a series of questions that help the group know them better. Start off by asking general information questions (ie. Name, school, age, etc.), and follow withy some light hearted questions (ie. If you ran off to join the circus what type of entertainer would you be?), and then finish with some deeper questions (ie. What’s the best thing about being a Christian? Etc) obviously, if you’re not sure whether they are Christian or not use appropriate alternatives (ie. What’s one question you’d like to ask God?).

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