Protect the truth (poison ball)

This game is a variation of  poison ball. Using masking tape, chalk, or rope, mark out an court to play poison ball (the court should be rectangle and divided into 3 equal thirds). Divide the group into 2 teams. Team ‘A’ will stand in the middle section of the poison ball court and the team ‘B’ will stand each side. Like regular poison ball, team ‘B’ needs to eliminate team ‘A’ by throwing a ball and hitting each member below the knee. The added twist to this is that one member on team ‘A’ is given a Bible and given the title: “the truth”. Team ‘A’ needs to protect the truth at all costs. If “the truth” gets hit below the knee by the ball, not only are they out, but the whole team  is out. The game goes for 3 minutes, and if team ‘A’ is able to protect “the truth” for the duration of the game, they win. Play this game as many times as you like and swap the roles of the different teams and who plays “the truth” each time.

Note: This activity requires a durable environment and lots of space.

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