Taken from the theatre sport game show “who’s line is it anyway?”. Split into 2 or more teams of 3-5 people and give each teams a set of props (eg. broom, cushion, hat, hula-hoop, brick, aqua noodle, etc…). Give each team 5 minutes to come up with as many Bible stories as possible which they can act out in 30 second skits using the props. Have the teams perform in front of a judging panel (probably made up of leaders) and score each skit on: Use of props; team participation; comedy value, paraphrased biblical accuracy etc… Rotate through the teams as they perform their skits. If a story is acted out by more than one team then the points for that 30 second skit are halved.

30+ Note: If there are 30 people or more, then give each team a Bible story and let them find a way to work the props into the story (could use broom as a horse etc…). The groups will need time to read the story and prepare a skit, at least 10 minutes for prep and 2 minutes to perform. Depending on the number of groups this activity may take about 30 minutes.

Here is s clip of the ‘props’ activity in action at salt youth group petersham:

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