Don’t forget the bible verse!

A version of the TV game show “Don’t forget the lyrics!”. This game is played in teams. Read out a verse in the Bible and leave off the last few words. Tell the contestants how many words are missing and the contestants have to guess what the missing words are. You can play this game in rounds ie. New Testament verses, Old Testament verse, Obscure verses (for more points), Well Known verses (less points), and you can have rounds where the number of missing words increases each round. The aim of this game is to teach Bible verses and significant points of Biblical theology.

Here’s an example: Mark 10:43 Jesus said “whoever wants to become great among you must ___ /_____ /_________” (be your servant). We might expect that whoever wants to be great must be the smartest or have the best skills, but Jesus says be a servant, and that’s a significant theological point for Christianity.

You can find a list of good Bible verses at the back of “Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry 2” K. Moser, Aquilia Press, 2005.

-40 Note: This game works best with a maximum of 4 groups of 10 people… otherwise it takes too long and there’s too much down time for other groups while they wait for their turn.

Here’s 2 versions of the game in powerpoint (.pptx)

Version #1

Version #2

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget the bible verse!

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  2. Thank you for your terrific card games. I love these games, and I know that it’ll be great to play with our students. Thanks for taking the time to make them and post them for others. I really appreciate it.


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