Balloon Darts

Print off 2 copies of the memory verse on different coloured paper and put the words of the memory verse into about 5-6 balloons. Blow up the balloons and stick them to the wall. Split the group into 2 teams and give them some darts. The teams won’t know which balloons will have their memory verse words in it. When all the balloons have been popped, the first team to arrange the memory verse and read it out is the winner.

Warning: Don’t let kids go up to the wall until all the balloons have been popped and no one is throwing any darts.

Guess Who

Everyone writes 3 or 5 little known things about themselves on a card with their name at the top of the card and gives them to the M.C. Each person in the group will need another piece of paper to write their guesses on. The piece of paper should be numbered down one side equal to the number of people in the group. The M.C. reads out the first card saying: “person one is…” and reads out the description. After time has been given for people to write their guess, the M.C. then reads out the following card “person two is…” and so on till all the cards have been read out. Who ever guesses the most right is the winner.